The sea is not a bad place. The sea is not a trash can. # just cool!


Do not know, then do not love

Education about the ins and outs of the sea so that we will know more about the importance of the role of the sea for human life, not only for Indonesian people but also for the world.

The name of this article is:

It is important to know about the sea, so that we can protect and care for it.


Make a difference. Act now!

Become an agent of environmental change to defend the sea and stand at the forefront to care for its sustainability. You are all ambassadors of the ocean's struggle to be free from litter, destruction and overexploitation.

Blues In Blue

Ocean is dying. What will we do?

Our sea is crying. It's full of trash. Ignorant hands spoil. And those who are not responsible for dredging it up. Listen it crying. Come closer and embrace the sea. Let's be together in sea harmony.

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